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Meet Nazanin, founder and owner of Tea Thoughts!

Tea Thoughts started with a need for a creative outlet and soon after starting my blog, I decided to start a shop where all the products would relate to tea! Tea has always been a big part of my life since childhood and as I've gotten older I've made it part of my daily routine. 

I grew up in an Iranian household where tea was the great connector. So many things happened around a cup of tea. These themes of connection and daily rituals are weaved into the fabric of my product line. 

Tea Thoughts Pouring Tea

Since starting my blog  back in 2016, I've learned so much more about tea. While I knew and loved Iranian tea culture, I am grateful to have been able to learn (and continue to learn) about other tea cultures. Most of my daily practices of tea revolve around the Iranian tea practices I grew up with and also the Chinese and Japanese tea cultures I have learned about.

The Inspiration

In my shop you can find products made and designed by me with tea as the main theme. Additionally, the items in the shop are inspired by my daily tea practices. Often designs are based off of my own photographs, teaware I own and symbols that hold great meaning to me. If you love tea, you're in the right place!