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Gardening Themed washi tape

Gardening Themed washi tape

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Tea lovers and stationery enthusiasts, rejoice! This tea themed washi tape combines our love of tea with the utility of washi tape.

There are a ton of ways to use washi tape, consider using it in one of these ways:
-Decorating snail mail
-Hanging a small sized print
-Decorate a scrapbook
-Tape things in the scrapbook
-Tape important things into your planner
-Decorate your planner
-Create a grid in a dot grid notebook
-Use on jars to decorate or distinguish contents
-Create a bookmark
-Close an envelope or paper bag

And so much more!

This design features various gardening tools and a teacup with a plant in it. 

- 32ft of tape per roll.
- 0.5" in width.
- Made of rice paper with a thin rubber coating for water resistance.