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Tea Time with Tea Thoughts

Tea Time with Tea Thoughts

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Hi Tea Friends! 

I've had a lot of people suggest that I do virtual tea sessions and while I have been hesitant about this, I've decided to give it a try with a small run of slots. 

Originally, I wanted to add this to a teaware listing in case you didn't have teaware for brewing and specifically the gaiwans but I decided to make it more open so that anyone can purchase. It would be best if you have a gaiwan or smaller teapot for gongfu cha style brewing but if you don't I can try to help you make whatever you have work!  

What will the tea session be like? 

I am not a tea professional but I am passionate so I want this to be a fun session! While we will be trying the same teas so we will of course compare what we taste I also want this to be an opportunity to have a chill session where you can ask me anything! If you are newer to brewing tea in gong fu cha style/methods I can take you through how I brew my tea as well. 

Sessions will be one hour and scheduled via zoom. I will reach out shortly after shipping your tea to find a time that works for you. 

Do I get tea? 

You will receive the teas show in the product photo. 4 White tea wafers from Yunnan Sourcing and 4 Black tea mini cakes from West China Tea. We can taste both and then you have 3 more to enjoy whenever you'd like! I will also send a small sample of something in my stash to try too!