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Countdown To Summer Box 2024
Countdown To Summer Box 2024
Countdown To Summer Box 2024

Countdown To Summer Box 2024

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**Boxes start shipping the week of 6/3**

Are you a tea lover ready for an adventure?! The countdown box is perfect for the adventurous tea lover who is either new to tea or has been drinking tea for a long time. This 7 day, advent style countdown box will have you opening one item each day for 7 days counting down to June 20th, the first day of summer. You can also open the box at whatever interval you'd like! 

Do you love surprises?
Are you curious about new teas?
Do you want to discover a new tea company?
Do you want to celebrate summer with tea?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, this box is for you!

While this box is a surprise and I won't be revealing what is inside, I will give you these hints:

-1 edible item (If you have dietary restrictions, please contact me before ordering)
-1 other tea related item
-5 Teas: 2 black, 1 oolong, 1 green and 1 pu'er
-An envelope with your name written by me with some additional goodies that match the packaging theme
-A 40% off coupon that you can use in my shop until 6/30 (Excludes new releases in June)

****Please note: Due to an unforeseen delay in the boxes I ship this product in, anyone in Canada ordering the box may not receive it before 6/14 which is the day you would open day 1 counting down to the first day of spring on 6/20****


-This item only ships to the United States and Canada due to longer shipping times for other locations. 
-If you are very particular about tea, this box may not be your thing since you won't know what tea you'll get until you open it
-The majority of teas in countdown boxes are unblended/minimally flavored to avoid allergies. Brewing guidelines from each brand is provided
-If you order something in addition to the box, it may ship separately