Blooming Tea Enamel Pin
Blooming Tea Enamel Pin
A blooming tea pot enamel pin next to a blue tea cup enamel pin
A blooming tea pot enamel pin being held in front of blooming tea
A blooming tea pot enamel pin being held between two fingers

Blooming Tea Enamel Pin

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Sometimes you have a really hard day and you just need a little calm. Making a regular cup of tea is great but you know what's even better? Blooming tea! You get to watch the hot water and blooming tea ball mingle and the open little by little until you get to see how beautiful it is on the inside. 

Before you know you know it, you spent 20 minutes thinking about how beautiful this blooming tea was instead of how hard your day was. Isn't that nice? You then think that we're all like the blooming tea ball, closed up until we're in hot water and we show our true, beautiful selves. 

A little meditation and a little poetry is what blooming tea represents. It's one of my favorite things when I need some relaxation time. The physical bloom and the ideas behind it inspired this pin! 

Sometimes you need a reminder of all the lovely things that go with brewing blooming tea but you might not have blooming tea with you! Enter the blooming tea pin, you can wear it on your sweater and let it remind you of the calm throughout the day!


-Pin is 1.25" and will come on a backing card and in a glassine envelope
-Pin has gold plating.
-If you'd like the pin to come in a box, choose gift wrap at checkout!

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