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Clay Teapot Set

Clay Teapot Set

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Have you been wanting to try out a clay tea pot but not ready for higher end handmade one? This teaset is for you!

You can get clay cups and a teapot to experiment with your tea without worrying about seasoning a higher end pot. 

Clay pots are more absorbent and so it is usually suggested to only use it for one type of tea. I would say for this set, you could get away with one type of tea like black tea, oolong, white or pu'er. Some of these categories like oolongs have a wide variety in leaf and it may be best to pick teas that are more similar like choosing greener oolongs or choosing roasted oolongs. This set will come with one teapot and 4 cups. 

Teapot: ~170 ml

Cups: ~70 ml each