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Valentine's Day Countdown Box - Pre-order
Valentine's Day Countdown Box - Pre-order

Valentine's Day Countdown Box - Pre-order

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 ** Please note that this box will start shipping around January 16th :) **

Valentine's day may be an extremely commercialized holiday but I've always enjoyed making cards and giving fun gifts to family and friends! I've created this box in the same spirit, including tea and items that I hope taste good and that you enjoy! While each day is a surprise, make sure to check out The Box tab to get a few more details. 

The box is designed so that each item is individually wrapped so that you can open one item each day from the 8th to the 14th. You can also open all the items at once or at whatever interval you like best! Please note that this box has teas that I hope expose you to new shops and new tastes. The majority of the teas are meant to be brewed gongfu cha style but can be adapted for western brewing as well. 

The Box

  • There will be 7 days of packages but there are multiple items on some days. For example, one day has 4 small samples.
  • This box will have stereotypical valentine's day decor with hearts and colors like pink, purple, red etc. 
  • If you want to gift the box, please let me know their name and if you want me to write a specific note to them :)


  • There is teaware for brewing in this box :)
  • There is an edible item in the box!


Why Doesn't this box ship right away? 

While I have started packaging each of the days in the box, the box has lots of parts that need to be assembled. The boxes also have several parts of customization that I can't complete until I have order information. Additionally, this box has an edible item that is arriving closer to the ship date to guarantee freshness. 

How is shipping determined?

Shipping rates are based on weight. I put all the items in the box, weigh it and input that weight so that the shipping is calculated based on your location + this weight. These rates are determined by USPS. Please note that for these boxes I mark the weight lower than what it is as a way to discount shipping a little bit for you!