Shark Tea Pet Pin

Shark Tea Pet Pin

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The Teaware Collection

The shark tea pet pin is part of  the teaware collection that features items commonly found during gonfu style brewing. 

This pin depicts a shark breaching and is meant to represent a tea pet! A tea pet is a little statue that is placed on the tea tray during brewing for fun. Sometimes you might feed your tea pet some tea. I often see tea pets that are partially made of clay and partially ceramic which is how I designed this shark. You can read more about tea pets here on The Cup Of Life by my friend Lu Ann who has a lovely blog and honestly is the one that got me into tea pets! 

I love animals very much and if I could have the perfect tea pets they would be a penguin and a shark! I decided on the shark because often I see tea pets where there is a space where you can pour the tea into the tea pet and I thought that a shark breaching with it's mouth open would be perfect!   

The pin is 1" hard enamel with nickel plating

The pin has one pin back

The pin will come on an illustrated backing card

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