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Chayee Wood Pin - Tea In Farsi
Chayee Wood Pin - Tea In Farsi

Chayee Wood Pin - Tea In Farsi

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As part of my efforts to put more designs inspired by my Persian heritage, I present to you the tea in Farsi Pin! This design is based off of my own calligraphy of this word spelled che-alef-yeh or cha-yee which is the word for tea in Farsi! 

I wanted to also give some background on the spelling of this design. After many discussions with family members and a few dictionaries there are actually two different ways to spell the word tea. 

Some people say: چای

Some people say: چایی

I ultimately chose چای because I think it's shorter and made for a better design and in one of my dictionaries that is well known and they show the spelling for tea plant as the way I have it in the design so that cemented it for me.

Pin Details: 

-1 in

-Made from sustainably sourced cherry wood